October 18, 2012

New Customer Experience Management Solution Launched by PeriscopeIQ

Periscope IQ logoA next generation customer experience management system has been unveiled by web-based customer and employee experience solutions provider PeriscopeIQ. PeriscopeCX helps drive sales through capturing customer feedback and transitioning it into actionable metrics. Its state of the art data analysis processes either eliminate or flag data points that are identified as suspicious in order to supply decision makers with the most accurate and verifiable responses.

“Today customer experiences now occur through an unprecedented number of channels, so it is incredibly important to reliably compile this information, quickly analyze it and present intelligent recommendations,” explains PeriscopeIQ COO and co-founder Mohamed Latib. “Our Voice of the Customer (VOC) solution is easy-to-use, can be deployed cost efficiently and will give management accurate data through customizable dashboards to make major business and investment decisions. That’s the reason many large companies rely on our team for insights and intelligence solutions.”

PeriscopeCX pays particular attention to providing insights in key areas such as:

• Customer segmentation by demographics;

• Customer and operations comparisons allowing organizations to align their customer experience efforts with company initiatives;

• Hierarchical scorecarding to quickly get out the right data to the right people through customizable scorecards that report customer experience metrics; and

• Validated text analytics which provide insight into customer comments allowing for rapid action.

“With PeriscopeCX, we’re providing an answer to businesses ongoing concerns as to whether a customer is having a positive experience and how they can tell with a high degree of certainty that the answer is reliable,” Latib explains.

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