Extend Health logoThe country’s largest private medicare exchange operator, Extend Health, released BenefitView, a real-time interactive dashboard that allows employers to track the transition of retirees to private medicare plans. Employers are given access to up-to-date information on the progress of retirees who are selecting plans on the company’s Medicare exchange. But beyond that, BenefitView also grants instant access to service center performance including data such as retirees contacted, completed appointments, average wait time on phones, and average length of calls.

“Employers sponsor and subsidize transitions of their retirees to individual plans to assure that every retiree gets the opportunity to have the supplemental Medicare coverage they want while managing company costs and future liabilities,” said Brian Bohlig, chief marketing officer for Extend Health. “It’s very important to employers, to us and, most importantly, to retirees that these transitions go as smoothly as possible. Extend Health has always provided employers frequent and comprehensive progress reporting to ensure smooth transitions – but now we’ve made it real-time and on demand. BenefitView makes communication between Extend Health and employers seamless, and it protects employers from finding out after the fact that their retirees missed out on getting the healthcare coverage they needed or wanted.”

A full list of real-time information available through the BenefitView platform includes:

• Number of retirees enrolled compared to the number who can enroll

• Percentage of eligible retirees contacted

• Number of scheduled appointments

• Number of completed appointments

• Types of plans selected across populations

• Average cost of premiums across different populations

• Number of plans selected

• Number of carriers selected

• Total number of calls

• Average wait time on phone

• Average handling time per phone call


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