globemployGlobemploy has announced the release of its new employment solutions platform that attempts to automate the hiring manager or recruiter’s responsibility of sorting through countless resumes supplied by online job applicants. Through the automation of the resume screening process, Globemploy removes the uncertain nature of matching jobs and job seekers by identifying the relevant skills and experience of each applicant and comparing the data to available positions.

Globemploy seeks to give employers “perfect matches” by finding applicants with qualifications perfectly aligned with available jobs. This eliminates the time expenditure and high rate of failure when matching jobs manually. Once Globemploy identifies a match, the program offers the employer access to its Multi-Factor Candidate Assessment test which helps screen candidates based on emotional intelligence to eliminate applicants who are found to be ill-suited for a particular employer. This holistic approach allows for a good employment fit based not only on skills and experience, but also on personal values, goals, and characteristics.

Once potential candidates have been chosen, Globemploy gives employers the power to interview them online, from anywhere in the world. Through this job matching and interview technology, Globemploy attempts to grant exceptionally efficient access to the global labor market and the best candidates from throughout the world.

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