tm mentor solutionsInsala, a leading provider of SaaS talent development solutions, has announced a new website dedicated to mentoring software. The site,, features a streamlined interface designed to help make it easy to find mentoring solutions for specific talent management initiatives. The site provides improved access to research and resources to employers and administrators including webinars, whitepapers, and articles.

Solutions range from workshops on mentor matching to program planning and consulting, targeted mentoring programs, mentor training, and mentor software. The site is divided into two broad sections, mentor matching and mentor training, that breakdown the information into six categories of mentoring solutions.

Mentor matching guides employers in creating plans for the mentor matching process Through Insala’s Hi-Impact Mentoring workshop. The workshop is based on selected objectives and measures including program planning, program consulting, and targeted mentor programs. The program planning solution grants program administrators guidance in answering questions that establish objectives and best-practice plans. The program consulting workshop helps employers implement mentoring processes or improve existing programs. The targeted mentoring programs are designed for each organization to target the challenges of each industry and institute.

Mentor training helps employers and participants take advantage of available mentoring programs. Insala offers customized mentoring software subscription plans to match the needs and objectives of each organization. Each advanced software solution allows administers to manage multiple programs through tracking and reporting tools. The basic software solutions is appropriate for smaller budgets and works to streamline participant matching.


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