opened orange folderWe all know how time consuming scheduling interviews can be, but they’re a necessary component of the hiring process. Schedulers often have to juggle interviewer and candidate availability; line up panel and manager interviews (if necessary); reserve conference rooms and deal with last-minute changes. This process can take hours to complete, but a new solution aims to help you do this in less than 10 seconds—Reschedge.

According to the company, Reschedge is the world’s most advanced scheduling engine and was designed specifically to take the hassles out of interview scheduling. The new tool offers an intuitive interface that allows schedulers to easily import company contacts from their calendar and email platform (Google, Outlook, iOS, etc.).

So how does it work?

  • Once Reschedge is set up, users simply click “Schedule Interview” and create an interview lineup
  • Users enter in the candidate’s availability, and Reschedge takes that into account along with employee calendars to provide a variety of schedule options
  • Delivers options through a user-friendly interface and allows the user to choose the best fit
  • Reschedge syncs with the ATS or calendar, sends out invitations, reserves rooms and tracks responses

“Most people don’t realize how much effort goes into interview scheduling. It’s quite common for a recruiting team to devote a third of their resources to scheduling – some companies even have more recruiting coordinators than recruiters!” Jonathan Kennell, CEO of Reschedge, said. “Reschedge is perfect for recruiting professionals who are juggling several tasks and can put the time they spend scheduling towards more important things.”


The scheduling tool also delivers a status report on an intuitive dashboard so that interview coordinators can easily see who has accepted, declined or not yet responded to invitations. The dashboard also offers confirmation that conference rooms were successfully booked.

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