June 29, 2012

New Recruiter Search Service Debuts

recruiter searchExecutive recruiter search platform RecruiterAccess.com has been announced for use as an executive recruiter finder and client and job requirement development tool for recruiters themselves. With the new platform, employers can post job search projects for free and receive proposals from retained recruiters vying for the position. Each job search project is delivered for review to the list of recruiters registered with RecruiterAccess. On the other side, recruiters can also cheaply access new clients through the platform without expending time for business development tasks.

RecruiterAccess is designed to meet the needs of small and mid-sized companies who may be unsure how to go about hiring executives while also lacking the time and resources to research multiple recruiters or executive search firms. Qualified small and medium-sized retained-search firms also many times have difficulty with broad-scale business development even though they have the skills to help solve the hiring needs of many organizations.

“RecruiterAccess is an exciting new way for recruiters to find clients and for companies to connect with search firms they may not have known about,” said top executive recruiter Kimberly Bishop. “RecruiterAccess fills the gap for companies that don’t have lots of searches and don’t work with executive recruiters on a regular basis. It’s also great for recruiters who are not focused on business development with these companies. This system brings it all together to build fresh relationships.”

The platform allows employers to receive detailed bids per project and sufficient data on each recruiter to make the best hiring decision. For recruiters, RecruiterAccess gives the information necessary for recruiters to make the best project selection decisions and create impactful proposals.

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