ring of peopleAs employees continually expect more from HR regarding recruitment and innovation, when staffers refuse to engage them in these areas, employees are jumping ship even if they enjoy their jobs. Indeed, over half of employees would consider leaving their employers if another company approached them in an innovative way, even if they were happy in their current position. Even more employees otherwise happy with their jobs (65 percent) would abandon their current job if offered innovative benefits by another company.

All of this is according to the Futurestep Innovation Imperative report, which also attempts to define the term “innovation” within the context of benefits and recruiting. According to report researchers, a company is innovative if it consistently finds new ways to onboard new employees and keeps the best ones engaged. That is, forward thinking companies that implement regular changes for the better experience lower turnover and retention problems.

Other results from the survey of more than 4,000 workers and 800 recruitment and talent management professionals include:

• 52 percent of employees would look to leave their jobs after six months if promises offered by their employers to engage and develop their careers fell through.

• More than eight out of ten workers expect their companies to “wow” them in regards to engagement and recruiting methods.

• Nearly 80 percent of employees reported performing better on the job when kept engaged.

• Over three-quarters of HR professionals agree that finding innovative recruitment and talent management methods is crucial for retention.

• More than 75 percent of HR pros also agreed that their organizations should do more to be innovative.


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