mindlink social collaborationMindLink, a social collaboration platform from Formicary Collaboration Group, is designed to encourage secure, team communication and collaboration within an in-place Microsoft environment. Specializing in social collaboration, MindLink creates a streamlined environment for intraorganizational group discussions via social networking opening up opportunities for peer-to-peer connection at the individual level.

“Business success today depends on teams of individuals working towards collective goals,” said Daanish Khan, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, Formicary Collaboration Group. “But traditional email and social networking technology tools have fallen short in the enterprise in delivering business value because they’re not ideal for interactive, team-based collaboration. MindLink, on the other hand, was built from the ground up to support efficient communication among groups. It’s so effective in the enterprise that it frequently becomes the preferred mode of communications for groups working on common activities and goal.”

MindLink is built on Microsoft’s unified communications platform Lync, making it easy to implement into daily processes thus encouraging high user adoption. The platform eliminates security issues through being available as either on on-premisis solution or accessed from a private cloud. Key features of MindLink include:

• Live communication streams from internal or external sources delivered into team content and communications streams.

• Subscription customization allowing employees to subscribe only to the most relevant channels thus reducing email overload. Users can also create individual conversation streams focused on individual projects and interests.

• Conversation tools are accessible from a central hub for easy availability.

• Allows employees to update colleagues of availability and location at all times.

• Conversation histories are stored and searchable.

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