August 24, 2012

New Technology Alternative for Employers who Purchase Healthcare

wellnet healthIntegrated health plan provider WellNet has announced WellNet 4.0, the newest release of its platform for creating transparency in healthcare costs and savings. The updated WellNet is geared towards small and medium-sized businesses that need a way to identify programs to lower healthcare costs. The technology allows employers to continuously monitor member behavior in order to engage and influence how their employees act regarding healthcare plans.

“WellNet 4.0 is finally fixing the broken medical benefits industry,” says WellNet President Keith Lemer. “WellNet offers alternatives to large health insurance companies who protect their profits by keeping their customers in the dark by not releasing interpreted and analyzed claims data.” Lemer continues, “WellNet 4.0 provides employers and their employees with a clear view and specific actionable strategies to save everyone money and improve their health.”

As an alternative to health insurance companies, WellNet 4.0 delivers real-time data through a high-tech engagement model that offers complete transparency of the healthcare purchasing process; thus giving employers a low-cost method for identifying problems at the root so that they may both reduce costs and capitalize on opportunities for both immediate and sustainable savings.

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