controlpanel hr dataGovernance, risk and compliance automation solutions provider ControlPanel has announced an HR analyzer for companies using SAP HCM and in need of improving the security of employee data. The module, HR Analyzer, focuses on resolving three primary issues: monitoring organizational usage of sensitive HR data; protecting that data from inappropriate use; and syncing HR events with SAP ID and password assignments.

“HR departments are facing new challenges as the need for access to HR information becomes more widespread across corporations,” says Dan Wilhelms, CEO of SymSoft Corporation, ControlPanel’s parent company. “To provide appropriate security and efficiency, traditional HR applications like SAP HCM can be augmented and extended with additional capabilities. HR Analyzer provides this added functionality as a natural extension of our compliance automation solution.”

The module gives companies the ability to monitor data access by employees with legitimate reasons for accessing sensitive HR information (think IT staff or HR personnel), but that need to be restricted from accessing data beyond their responsibilities. HR Analyzer scrambles downloaded data rendering it unreadable to anyone outside of HR security personnel. Additionally, the module syncs events such as new hires, promotions, and terminations to increase HR efficiency.

Additional information on HR Analyzer can be found at

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