launch of cloud apply and zenappNewton, leading provider of applicant tracking systems and recruiting software for small and medium-sized businesses, has announced the release of Cloud Apply and ZenApp solutions for providing job seekers with user-friendly careers websites. The new tools provide job applicants with the ability to apply to jobs using resumes stored in cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Once resumes are uploaded, the solution auto-fills the online employment applications for job applicants.

Newton leverages next-generation cloud-based file services, like Google Drive and Dropbox, enabling job applicants to upload resumes to employer’s careers websites with one click from any computer or mobile device.

“It’s no secret that job seekers have long been frustrated with the accessibility of employer’s online job applications. Now with the prevalence of personal cloud storage and the undeniable rise in mobile usage, the timing for Cloud Apply and ZenApp is perfect,” said Joel Passen, Newton’s Head of Sales and Marketing. “With this release, Newton continues to solve the real problems that plague both employers and job seekers. It’s a win-win.”

In conjunction with Cloud Apply, ZenApp automatically fills out job applications in real time when job seekers upload a resume from any mobile device or desktop.

“You see a job. You upload a resume and the employer’s careers page takes the information and fills out the job application in real-time for you. As an applicant you can do this from a phone or computer. That’s meeting job seekers where they are. That’s making a first impression,” says Passen. “You don’t need to be a sophisticated technology company to use the best recruiting solutions these days. Newton is building smart, affordable solutions for any employer that wants to improve recruiting and hiring processes.”

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