nexonia integrates XeroNexonia, a provider of web and mobile expense report and timesheets solutions, is integrating its Nexonia Expenses solution with Xero’s online accounting software to create a more intuitive expense management solution for small businesses. Xero is cloud-based accounting software for small businesses and small business advisors. With the new integration, the expense report solution from Nexonia can sync vendor and GL accounts information then transfer expense reports to Xero automatically.

Expenses are recorded then automatically routed for approval, no matter how many steps are necessary. After approval, expense reports flow into the proper GL account in Xero, including all details, receipts, and maps. Nexonia is soon to connect its VAT/GST and multi-currency support into Xero’s existing VAT system, further enhancing the integration between the two systems.

“Our customer base is growing rapidly and we’re always expanding our integrations, with Xero being a name we’re hearing a lot about,” says Neil Wainwright, CEO of Nexonia. “It’s a pleasure to work with Xero, whose engineering team lived up to their reputation for getting things done professionally and quickly. It went so smoothly we’re going to keep driving the integration deeper and deeper, as we’re always looking for creative ways to make our customers even happier. Xero helps us do that, and we couldn’t be happier.”


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