March 9, 2018

Now, You Can Have Artificial Intelligence Deliver Qualified Candidates Straight to Your Inbox


Entelo, makers of one of the most powerful talent search engines available, recently announced the release of Entelo Envoy, an automatic sourcing solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to surface qualified candidates with little input from recruiters. writer Jason McDowell recently had the opportunity to speak with Mike Trigg, chief marketing officer of Entelo, about the company’s new solution. What follows is a transcript of their email conversation, minimally edited for style and clarity. What is Entelo Envoy? What sets it apart from other sourcing and recruiting software tools?

Mike Trigg: Entelo Envoy utilizes patent-pending AI and machine-learning algorithms to automatically identify, qualify, and engage ideal candidates. It is able to predict the top candidates that a recruiter might put in front of a hiring manager by removing all under- and overqualified candidates, saving recruiting teams time and money.

RC: Sometimes qualified candidates get filtered out by applicant tracking systems and other applicant-facing software. Many in the industry worry that candidate sourcing and recruitment will suffer if too much human interaction is removed from the process. How does Envoy address these concerns?

MT: AI is likely to change the future of our jobs, and it is already impacting the way we hire and get hired. At Entelo, we’re using AI and machine learning to help elevate hiring by giving everyone a fairer shot at jobs and helping companies get a more complete view of their candidate pools.

Applying AI to the recruiting process through Entelo Envoy doesn’t replace the very best hiring pros. Rather, it relieves them of rote tasks, such as scrutinizing profiles or filtering through the flood of resumes in their inboxes. This sets hiring pros free to focus on higher-order activities such as guiding the careers of most-valued employees and building more personal relationships to help land the very best candidates.

RC: Envoy claims access to millions of potential candidates. Where does it source the candidates from?

MT: Entelo aggregates information from more than 50 social and professional sites across the web to follow a candidate’s social footprint and provide employers with diverse pools from which to source top talent. Today, we have data on approximately 500 million candidates.

RC: What would you say are the top three benefits of using Envoy?

MT: Specifically, Entelo Envoy relieves recruiters by automating the manual and repetitive aspects of sourcing, making their workflows much more efficient. It does so in these three ways:

1. Identifying Top Talent: Using patent-pending AI technology and machine-learning algorithms, Envoy quickly finds candidates based on criteria set by recruiters. It automatically sorts, analyzes, and ranks a person’s fit for an open position across several attributes, including job title, work history, skills, likeliness to leave their current role, and more. Envoy also provides a real-time preview of candidates to determine the effect of various criteria and weighting in identifying potential hires. Rich candidate profiles enable recruiters to view details about candidates quickly and easily.

2. Contacting Candidates Proactively: Envoy reaches out to the best candidates at optimal times, contacting them with personalized messages. Recruiters can set controls to engage with candidates on the same day or delay contact until a time proven to yield the highest response rate. Envoy also sends automatic follow-up emails to candidates, making sure quality prospects are nurtured along the way.

3. Delivering Prospective Hires Right to Your Inbox: When candidates engage with companies through Envoy, their responses go directly to the inbox of the recruiter or hiring manager. Recruiters also benefit from analytics that show the effectiveness of specific outreach efforts.

RC: What sort of results are early users reporting so far?

MT: After an early release to about 75 existing Entelo customers last year, we are seeing very impressive results, including an uptick in candidate pipelines by as much as 50 percent, decreased time spent sourcing, and increased candidate quality.

Since candidates are discovered and qualified intelligently and outreach happens automatically, time spent sourcing is estimated to drop by 96 percent with the use of Envoy. This is compared to manual sourcing, where talent acquisition professionals report spending nearly one-third of their work weeks – approximately 13 hours – for just a single role. To date, nearly 80 percent of candidates delivered by Entelo Envoy are accepted by recruiters and advance to the next step of the recruiting process.

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