ObjectiveliTargeting small and medium-sized business, who compose over half of the American workforce, Objectiveli’s new enterprise performance management application promises management of both employee and company goals and objectives to improve productivity and add value. The application aids users to set company-wide goals using an integrated goals and object management system making it possible to quickly set up and assign goals across an organization. The new performance management application provides automated and ongoing employee evaluations and offers goal-setting tools that the review process more accurate.

The performance management system stores employee-performance data online, making it retrievable at any time while letting users tracking company-wide performance levels to better identify weak points and strengths in employee-performance trends. Employee competencies and performance are automatically managed at every level enabling mangers to best assess each employee quickly and accurately. The Objectiveli app not only allows for the setting and tracking of individual goals, but employees can also break down these goals into small objectives and see how each goal is aligned with the objective of the overall company.

A dashboard displays a snapshot of employee progress allowing employees to orient their efforts toward the most important tasks. This eliminates the need for many emails, spreadsheets, and other forms of manual performance updates.

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