Datanewspaper from job site Employment Crossing indicate that Texas added 36,600 jobs in October, the state’s highest mark since January and top spot for job creation in the U.S. The housing market is the most influential in overall growth in customer confidence. Currently, there are 143,000 job openings throughout the state. The job surge has dropped the state’s unemployment rate down from 6.8 percent in September to 6.6 percent in October. The average national rate is 7.9 percent with 171,000 jobs created in October; one-fifth of which occurred in Texas.

Other major contributors to Texas’ high job-growth rate include construction, health care, and education. The construction sector was boosted by the surging housing market, adding 13,000 new jobs to the economy. Other industries impacted by the boom include related sectors, such as real estate and furniture outlets.

The health care sector created 38,000 new jobs and sales and information technology added 18,000 jobs. Additionally, the customer service and retail sectors brought in 8,000 jobs and 9,000 jobs, respectively. The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area alone saw job growth hit 80,000 and an unemployment rate only a tick above 6 percent.


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