OneWire logoOneWire® recently released its brand new video series, “Open Door with Skiddy von Stade.” The series features the company’s Founder and CEO Skiddy von Stade as he interviews high-profile executives in the Fortune 500 and financial services sector about their experiences in their respective fields. From landing their first job to rising to the top of their companies, von Stade’s guests provide insight based on their own career successes and challenges that, according to OneWire, “can help today’s finance professionals advance their careers.”

The company allows candidates to create detailed career profiles that include information about their skills, background and career preferences. Organizations use OneWire to find candidates who match their open positions based on specific, employer-selected criteria. Candidates can then pursue opportunities that interest them while maintaining complete control over their privacy and visibility to employers.

With its new video series, OneWire further provides candidates with premium content that enables them to “access hard-to-reach and rarely interviewed executive leaders from Wall Street to corporate America.” von Stade interviews a different guest in each video who explains the challenges he/she faced in his/her own job searches, share strategies for those just starting out and provide lessons they have learned during each person’s journey to the top of their fields.

“There is perhaps no better way for finance professionals to learn how to advance their careers than by hearing from some of the most successful individuals in their respective industries,” von Stade said. “Our goal in producing these videos is to show new entrants to finance and career veterans alike what it takes to get ahead. We believe that our community of finance professionals will benefit greatly from watching these videos and will gain crucial insight that can help them achieve their career objectives.”

OneWire will share several new videos every month, each featuring an interview with a different achiever from the finance sector. View the series overview at:

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