June 27, 2014

Ongage Offers Built-in Integration to Leading Dynamic Job Listings

blue puzzle piecesOngage, a pioneering email deliverability marketplace connecting multiple email service providers and SMTP relays, announces a suite of built-in integrations to some of the world’s leading job search engines: Indeed, Juju, Glassdoor and JobDiagnosis.

One of the underpinnings of any job search process is email. Job seekers want to do their search via multiple channels and opportunities in parallel. Moreover, they need some of those searches to keep working for them, even while they’re doing other things. Email marketing of job listings delivers every morning, to job seekers around the world, a matching list of jobs in their desired location.

Email marketers serving the job search market have the opportunity to provide a high-demand market that is active year round and receive additional revenues serving that market. The built-in connectivity included with Ongage enables email marketers to provide job listings dynamically inside their email messages sent from Ongage. Therefore, the same email campaign can deliver different relevant job listings to different users.

“Ongage’s commitment is to help organizations increase their email marketing ROI through better, deliverability, performance, marketing automation and cost efficiencies “said Noam A. Rotem, Senior Product and Marketing Manager. “In integrating dynamic job listing providers, we are leveraging what each company does best – relevant job offerings from them, and delivered to job seekers by Ongage.”


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