newsPeopleAnswers has long had the goal of helping companies hire people who are going to want to stick around for awhile.  This company announced several new improvements to its talent assessment software suite.  Now PeopleAnsers offers new business intelligence capabilities, behavioral onboarding tools and a flexible interview guide.  They expect that these tools will help recruiters streamline hiring processes.

The company seems to focus its energy on trying to hire people who will stay with a company for a long time.  To figure this out, the company gets pretty deep about things.  PeopleAnswers joined forces with leading universities and research centers of Industrial-Organizational Psychology to develop revolutionary new software that helps companies reduce employee turnover and duplicate their existing top performers.

The new enhancements to their capabilities aim to strengthen this original commitment of the company.

“Companies and organizations worldwide battle the same recruitment issues – selecting high-quality employees consistently and reducing employee turnover. These days, they simply can’t afford a bad hire,” said Madeline Laurano, talent systems analyst and advisory practice manager, The Newman Group, A Futurestep Company. “PeopleAnswers addresses a critical need in the recruiting process by connecting selection, onboarding and career planning. Technologies that establish such connections play an essential role in effective employee recruiting.”

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