peoplefluent logoSocial HCM technology firm Peoplefluent has announced the release of a collaborative video technology brought about through the company’s acquisition of on-demand video tech company KZO Innovations.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video can be an encyclopedia of compelling, relevant information with the potential to enhance comprehension with emotionally intuitive content,” Charles S. Jones, chairman and CEO of Peoplefluent, said. “Today we infuse the newest video technology with first-of-its-kind capture, search and discussion functionality into our Talent Management product offerings to forever change the ways in which our customers engage and enable their own employees and clients. We also have deployed this breakthrough technology across our own service and support organization, radically improving the ways in which we support and collaborate with our own customers in live, visual and dynamic communities of shared interests, outcomes and goals.”

The KZO video technology is differentiated from other enterprise collaborative video solutions by its content search capabilities and functionality that allows for audio tagging, video tagging, discussion threading, and interactive dialogue within any type of digital video or audio source. The technology also enables live chats, a library of viewer contributions, and digital resource synchronization. Peoplefluent has immediately begun to embed the video tech into its Talent Management offerings and will provide customized content and video properties to expand current online training and learning curriculums.

Peoplefluent has also added the KZO digital video technology into its customer engagement model, enhancing the company’s newest customer community with improved personal connections and engagement and expanding communications options with customers through a more engaging online environment.

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