peoplestrategy,thinkHR partnerHCM solutions provider PeopleStrategy and ThinkHR, a cloud-based HR resource center, have announced a strategic partnership to deliver an integrated HR hotline and compliance resource center. Having recently launched PeopleStrategy eHCM, the company’s enterprise human capital management solution for performing mission-critical and strategic processes, the partnership with ThinkHR will expand the core offering with the integrated HR resource. It includes libraries addressing federal compliances in addition to compliances for all 50 states. The HR resources provides thousands of sample forms an policies along with access to an HR hotline services which assists in navigating HR compliance issues, in real time.

“PeopleStrategy is committed to delivering customer-focused workforce solutions to our clients,” said David Fiacco, President and COO of PeopleStrategy. “ThinkHR shares this commitment and through our new partnership, clients will be better equipped to navigate the complexities of HR with a real-time resource center and expert hotline.”

“ThinkHR and PeopleStrategy share the same commitment to customer experience and innovation,” said Pete Yozzo, Founder and CEO at ThinkHR. “It’s our goal to always deliver HR and compliance solutions in the moment that matters to our clients, and we’re proud to deliver that level of service to the clients of PeopleStrategy.”

PeopleStrategy provides SaaS HCM solutions for companies of all sizes with a focus on performing critical payroll and HR management functions with improved time and cost efficiencies. ThinkHR offers cloud-based workforce management support to over 70,000 small businesses and enterprise HR teams throughout the country.


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