high tech fingerProcess and content management solutions provider Perceptive Software has announced the release of Perceptive Interact for Microsoft Outlook, allowing users to access and capture content and execute workflow process right from their Outlook interface. With Perceptive Interact, business information is capturable at the point of receipt transforming emails into a business asset processed in the same manner as other enterprise content. This leads to improved capture of business information, enterprise collaboration, and user productivity.

“Email is the lifeblood of many organizations and is key for collaboration across the enterprise,” said Brian Anderson, Chief Technology Officer, Perceptive Software. “Perceptive Interact for Microsoft Outlook is another example of how we’re delivering on our vision of a comprehensive, easy to use solution for automation of all key business operations, regardless of document type, volume or complexity.”

Perceptive Interact seeks to solve several business challenges through Microsoft Outlook including:

• Scattered information generally found spread across multiple inboxes leading to lost value and isolated information silos.

• Inefficient business processes due to lack of collaboration stemming from heavy email use.

• Email retention policies causing all emails to be treated the same, increasing retention risks and compliance challenges.

To address these issues, Perceptive Interact for Microsoft Outlook includes the following key features:

• Easy drag and drop of email messages and attachments into the appropriate content model reducing lost information and human error.

• Content is stored natively in an Outlook-accessible format letting users reply to and forward emails even after being deleted from their inbox.

• Email content is placed under version and retention policy management and indexed for full-text searching, just like other enterprise content.


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