expanding arrowsPerceptive Software, a subsidiary of Lexmark, took the opportunity at Inspire 2014 in Las Vegas to announce the launch of Perceptive Evolution, a scalable, enterprise-class platform for next-generation enterprise process and content management solutions. Evolution is designed to mobilize the entire Perceptive product line including capture, content, process, and search within a unified hybrid cloud environment. This environment contains just the functions and features required for a client’s global business information needs.

Perceptive Evolution provides increased agility for managing the challenges of governance, security, and globalization through quicker content management and movement between the public cloud, private cloud, and on premises. The platform’s architecture allows for easier integration of solutions in an enterprise while allowing Perceptive engineers the flexibility to add new capabilities more quickly. For example, Perceptive Cloud Share is a solution for the storage, collaboration, and sharing of rich content within a permissions-based environment.

“The Perceptive Evolution native cloud platform addresses the consumerization of IT, and allows for rapid development of specific industry solutions by both Perceptive and Perceptive development partners,” said Scott Coons, president and CEO, Perceptive Software and vice president, Lexmark International. “Perceptive Evolution provides modern knowledge workers the secure and flexible information management foundation needed to meet their changing business needs.”


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