October 24, 2013

PerfChecklist Performance App Released to Improve Employee Success

rss newsTo help take the pain out of dealing with employee performance issues, Entelechy has announced the release of its new mobile app, PerfChecklist, to let managers more easily analyze employee performance to better address performance issues. The basis of PerfChecklist is Entelechy’s Performance Model, which ties together business goals with the performance and behavior of each employee. Once PerfChecklist identifies a disparity between performance and organizational goals, it examines the employee’s capabilities and level of engagement and assesses the employee using eight key questions that help pinpoint the greatest performance impactors.

Once the problem elements are determined, PerfChecklist is able to offer suggestions specific to each element, which can then be stored and emailed for future reference and action. PerfChecklist can also be used for the prevention of performance issues, in addition to providing insights into the source of existing issues. The Entelechy’s Performance Model provides the tools and resources for managers to ensure they are providing adequate support to their employees before and after work has been assigned.

The PerfChecklist app is available for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad and is available in iTunes store for an initial $0.99 price.


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