financial numbersManagement consulting firm PMO Advisory has announced the release of the first index to quantify an organization’s ability to achieve its business strategy, Business ExecutionIndex. As an organizational barometer, the Index reveals how well organizations are executing their business strategies. The Index is based on a number of major factors used to measure business execution quality against strategy.

The Business ExecutionIndex is based on research including over 500 executives from organizations of various sizes and revenues across major industries, such as private businesses, public companies, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies. Some unexpected results from the research include the fact that the best non-profits “out execute” all other organizations. However, most non-profits execute significantly below the average. Additionally, only 10 of the respondents reported being “very satisfied” with their organization’s ability to achieve strategic objectives.

“By measuring where organizations succeed and fail in execution, we can provide senior management with the insight they need to address execution issues before they become failures,” Te Wu, founder and CEO of PMO Advisory, said. “The Business ExecutionIndex is the first effort to quantify common areas where business execution flounders and provide actionable insight to help organizations implement more successful strategies.”

The Business ExecutionIndex is designed to provide better visibility into business execution for the purpose of accelerating success. The Index is a benchmark that allows for quick comparisons between organizations across size, type, and industry. As an ongoing research project, results and findings are published quarterly with a free executive summary provided to all. Participants in the survey receive the full detailed report.


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