no-cost spga for sharepointPremierPoint Solutions today announced the release of a no-cost edition of its Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant (SPGA) for SharePoint. The free edition of SPGA, an automated SharePoint self-service site collection creation tool, allows users to create and provision unlimited SharePoint site collections automatically, with all the capabilities and limits the administrator has specified.

SPGA provides a solution for manually creating SharePoint sites, which can be labor-intensive and tie up IT resources, especially for organizations with an ongoing need to approve, create and provision numerous sites. The new tool is designed for organizations that need numerous SharePoint sites created and provisioned on an ongoing basis, and want to ensure that their organization’s SharePoint taxonomy, governance, look-and-feel and other standards are adhered to consistently.

“If your organization has new site collections being created uniformly on an ongoing basis, this no-cost tool is going to save you a lot of work, money and stress,” said Jeff Cate, president of PremierPoint Solutions.

With SPGA, the administrator loads all the appropriate site functionality, settings, security and limitations into “Site Request Profiles,” then the users select the appropriate profile for the kind of site collection they need and initiate the automatic approval and site collection creation process. Uniformity, governance and company standards are strictly enforced, enabling administrators to “set it and forget it.” Users then request the type of site collection they need, and it is approved, created and provisioned for them automatically.

“By automating the site collection creation process, SPGA enables administrators to ensure that each site collection is created and configured according to pre-determined settings, uniformly and automatically, each and every time,” Cate said.


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