NewsTaxfreepremiums, a premium only plan (POP) service provider, has implemented several additions this past year, such as utilizing social networking, creating a blog, and offering free software with a POP Plan purchase.

Recently, Taxfreepremiums has decided to offer a money back guarantee for customers who are not completely satisfied with their POP purchase. 100% refund is promised after December 17, 2011. The company wants its customers to know that their services are fully backed and want customers to be fully assured and satisfied.

Taxfreepremium offers services such as documentation, implementation, and maintenance on IRS section 125 premium only plans. Such plans can be used to strengthen sponsored healthcare. Once an employer purchases a POP Plan package, contributions are made from the employees before regular taxes are withdrawn.

Because contributions are tax free, employees see more money in their net pay- on average $100-$300 per month. Employers get to take advantage of a7.65% reduced annual FICA tax amount.

Taxfreepremium helps companies keep their Section 125 POP up to date by utilizing automated and real time updates to help with compliance. They also ensure an expert legal team specializing in ERISA, which assures the most legally compliant POP documents.

For more information, please visit Taxfreepremium’s website at:

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