newsRecently, at a bar named for zombies, a young woman lamented the fact that she would have a phone interview in two hours.  After polishing off several drinks, the interview– sure enough– did not go very well.

Often the image that gets promoted with technology and the working person is the image of some peaceful beauty on the beach using the latest technology with blue skies everywhere.  The reality, however, often just consists of people reached by employers and potential employers at times of the day when they are not really prepared to talk or, for that matter, text.

Now, even more communication over the phone will be made possible by a new partnership.  Arbita, a leader in recruitment marketing and sourcing solutions, has announced a global strategic partnership with Job Rooster, a San-Francisco social enterprise that connects enterprises and staffing agencies to the worldwide workforce through cutting-edge mobile recruitment services.  The partnership is the first to empower enterprise employers to target and interact with active job seekers as well as passive candidates directly via the person’s mobile phone.

There will no longer be the need to devote entire days to job applications.  Applying for jobs can be executed during the odd bits of time people find themselves faced with.  Users will be able to “apply on the spot” through their mobile phones using SMS text messages.  This technology avoids computers and email, enabling employers and recruiters to create new schedules directly from their mobile phones.  With ease, job candidates can quickly determine if they are qualified for a job by quickly seeing if they prequalify for a position.

“The partnership is a very strong statement about the influence and expertise of Arbita in the world of recruitment marketing technology,” said Don Ramer, CEO and founder of Arbita. “Our alliance with Job Rooster enhances Arbita’s position at the vanguard of the technological revolution that is transforming the way recruiters work, organizations allocate their resources and candidates search for and find jobs.”

Will this new partnership between Arbita and Job Rooster transform the job market?  Ramer states, “It will change the face of recruiting.”

But, in the meantime, maybe it’s best to make a policy not to do business when you’re at a bar named after brain-eating monsters.

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