NewsIt looks as if eJobMate will be part of a rising trend in recruitment, as many recruiters are taking advantage of screening applicants using social media.  An estimated 89% of recruiters use social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn to screen potential employees. uses creative matchmaking technology to screen applicants by tapping into their social networking sites.  It matches the best potential candidates that have the necessary qualifications for the position.  This is a great help to recruiters, as many times they have at least 100 applicants for each position. This unique method saves both time and money, and seems to be getting some solid reviews.

Social network sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, are great avenues to network with potential employers. They are also great sites that give recruiters more details about a potential employee. The following are key items that can be found on such.


Recruiters can find out a candidate’s education and work history from social networking sites, as well as to gain a more thorough understanding of their qualifications.  This has its advantage because recruiters can find out more than they could just by glancing at a resume.


By looking at status updates on Facebook or Twitter, recruiters can gain some insight on a potential employee’s personality.  Additionally, by glancing at interests and photos, a great deal can be said about an individual’s lifestyle, professionalism, and maturity.

Communication Skills

Social networking sites can be used by job candidates to display their excellent communication skills.  Recruiters usually seek a candidate that presents him/herself professionally as well as creatively.

Interests and/or group involvement

If a recruiter sees that a job candidate is involved in community activities or volunteers for a non-profit organization, he/she will be more apt to view the candidate in a positive manner.  It’s one thing to have a resume shine with education, but when a person goes the extra mile in his/her field by volunteering, it speaks volumes.

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