pie chartAccording to the 2012 Allied Workforce Mobility Survey, about two-thirds of HR professionals report to planning extensive to moderate hiring sprees throughout the second half of 2012. Large companies comprised of over 10,000 employees are especially bullish, with 80 percent of HR professionals from these employers expecting extensive to moderate recruiting plans. And for companies, especially larger firms, who have wide search radii requiring relocation, respondents saw not significant obstacles to relocation in the current economy.

Just six percent of survey respondents felt that the workforce was not willing to relocate given the current economic environment. The majority said that the workforce is either highly mobile or somewhat mobile and 59 percent felt that the economy has had no impact on recruitment and hiring ability.

Relocation focused questioning uncovered that 57 percent of HR pros felt that the quality of relocation packages was important or extremely important to candidates making a decision to accept a job offer. However, about one-third of respondents claimed that their company lacked a relocation program and 45 percent reported programs that were only somewhat successful or unsuccessful.

Companies with formal packages most commonly offer reimbursement of moving expenses and temporary living costs as their primary benefits, cited by 67 percent and 49 percent of survey participants, respectively. But the primary variables limiting the willingness of a candidate to relocate are the spousal employment situation, schools, and mortgage issues and very view companies even attempt to address these issues. Indeed, just 2 percent of companies cover spousal unemployment costs, 16 percent offer mortgage-loss reimbursement, and 39 percent offer information on local schools.

The average value of relocation packages as various sized companies are: for small companies – $12,073, for mid-sized companies – $9,606, for large companies – $14,007, and for very large companies – $41,052.

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