December 23, 2020

Recruiting Podcasts: Our Top 10 Favorites

Recruiting Podcasts

The best recruiters and HR pros stay up to date on the latest trends, tools, and tactics in the field. One way to do that: Listen to the right podcasts. Here are 10 of our favorite recruiting, hiring, and HR podcasts here at

1. Recruiting Trailblazers

Recruiting Trailblazers

Hosted by seasoned recruiting vet Marcus Edwardes and sponsored by, Recruiting Trailblazers aims to inform, educate, and entertain anyone interested in recruiting. Every week, Edwardes invites leaders, top producers, and pioneers in the recruiting field onto his show to discuss their experiences, opinions, and hard-earned wisdom. Recent highlights include Mike “Batman” Cohen, Anduril Industries’ Meagan Murray, and StaffingTec founder Maurice Fuller.

Listen here.

2. HR Happy Hour


Hosted by Steve Boese, co-chair of the HR Technology Conference, and Trish McFarlane, CEO of H3 HR Advisors, HR Happy Hour is the longest-running human resources podcast out there. With 514 episodes and counting, there’s plenty to catch up on — perfect for all the binge listeners out there.

Listen here.

3. HBR IdeaCast


It may not be dedicated exclusively to recruiting and hiring, but Harvard Business Review’s IdeaCast is one of the best business-oriented podcasts out there. It touches on hiring-related topics from time to time, but it also looks at new technologies, company cultures, entrepreneurship, important research, and a heck of a lot more.

Listen here.

4. Nine to Thrive HR


From the Human Capital Institute, Nine to Thrive HR is perfect for those who like their podcasts short and sweet. With most episodes clocking in under half an hour, Nine to Thrive HR is a great way for even the busiest of us to keep tabs on the latest HR developments.

Listen here.

5. Recruiting Future

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 1.40.59 PM

In this weekly podcast, host Matt Alder sits down with influencers and practitioners to talk about what the future has in store for recruiting and human resources. It’s impossible to predict the future, but Alder and his guests get pretty darn close.

Listen here.

6. HRExaminer Radio


The HRExaminer Radio heading covers a few different podcasts, all worth a listen, including HRTech Weekly, which looks at new developments in recruiting and human resources technology, and Executive Conversations, where executives talk about what makes them and their organizations thrive.

Listen here.

7. The Employment Law and HR Podcast


Alison Colley’s podcast wants to be your “legal lighthouse” in a stormy sea of employment law. It helps that Colley has a knack for breaking complex matters down to their digestible essentials, and with most episodes under 20 minutes, The Employment Law and HR Podcast always keeps it short, simple, and to the point.

Listen here.

8. Redefining HR

Redefining HR

Formerly known as “21st Century HR,” Lars Schmidt’s Redefining HR features weekly conversations with innovators, boundary-pushers, and other so-called “convention-crushers” from a range of businesses. Recent guests include L.J. Brock of Coinbase, Upwork’s Zoe Harte, and Shopify’s Brittany Forsyth.

Listen here.

9. The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast

The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast

Hung Lee, who also runs the Recruiting Brainfood newsletter, uses his weekly podcast to cover up-to-the-minute industry trends like recruitment automation, the effects of COVID-19 on employer branding, how the recent US election will impact talent acquisition, and a whole lot more.

Listen here.

10. The Chad & Cheese Podcast

Chad & Cheese

Don’t let the “HR’s most dangerous podcast” tagline scare you away. Mainly, that just means hosts Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman don’t feel the need to sugarcoat things, and sometimes they cuss on mic. But therein lies the show’s charm: A lot of people claim to “tell it like it is,” but Sowash and Cheesman are the rare duo who actually do just that. Just check out their Firing Squad segments, where the hosts bring on entrepreneurs and decide — to their faces — whether their products are any good.

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