An interesting article in The Huffington Post told a story that could leave many working class folks sleepless tonight. The article listed obsolete jobs that Generation Y may not see in their real working lives—such as telephone switchboard operators.

Many other professions, such as bank tellers and toll booth operators, are falling by the wayside today thanks to technology. And with technology development moving at an unprecedented pace, there’s no doubt that most jobs will be automated in order to produce more consistently and deliver much more efficiently.

Is your job next on the list?

That’s a pertinent question for many of us at a time when we are beginning to self-check-out at grocery stores and placing our Mc-Meal orders to machines. The report adds that Foxconn, which already employs 10,000 mechanical hands, is considering raising the number of androids to 500,000 over the next 3 years.

We’re all feeling the effects of poor employment stats and flat payout rates. However, there are a few professions that won’t be replaced by machines in our lifetimes (hopefully). See if you can take up one of these careers in the near future and survive the automation take-over:

  • Politics
  • Wind & solar power
  • Lawyers
  • Healthcare
  • Financial analysis
  • Media
  • Creative & knowledge work
  • Environment think-tanks
  • Teachers- primary and secondary
  • Help desks
  • Managing automation

Now that we have the list of professions to choose from, perhaps people in other professions (that may be undermined in the future) can start looking at alternative career options for the rainy day. Which one’s best for you?

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