folderResearch and Markets, the world’s largest and “most respected Market Research resource,” recently added the “HR File Builder Employee Records Software” subscription.

The HR File Builder has an intuitive “file folder design” that allows managers to automatically organize and update records. Each file has an employee photo for personalization and instant recognition, and the “Activity Notes” screen enables users to make a notation once, but the information will also be reflected in all reports, spreadsheets and overviews.

The built-in wizards help users set up work policies and assign benefits quickly and easily. An employee’s information can be cut and pasted directly into Microsoft Word or Excel documents with an automatic spell checker feature for all comment and note fields.

Below are the three file folders that can be accessed under the new tool:

HR File Builder: The Employees Folder

Keeps thorough records for every employee, including:
- Benefits
- Vacation time, sick time, family leave, and other time-off
- Performance notes
- Detailed job and career advancement history
- Unlimited certification dates
- Important memos
- 36-user-defined fields

HR File Builder: The Corporate Views Folder

Provides flexible company-wide reporting and analysis to:
- Build custom views to graphically display and edit selected fields in a simple spreadsheet style format
- See trends in attendance, policy violations, and other important activity indicators
- with yearly and monthly reviews
- Compare activities such as safety training, safety violations, and work injuries on the same screen
- Review organizational charts and the status of benefit programs

HR File Builder: The Company Policy Folder

Maintains consistent company policies (especially when multiple copies are networked), such as:
- Vacation, sick leave, and other time-off qualification data and accumulation rates
- Benefit, promotion and disciplinary eligibility criteria
- Job descriptions and pay rates

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