job seekers demand mobile job appsJob site has released global research examining job search behavior in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. Globally, 62 percent of job seekers are using mobile devices for their job search and 55 percent of jobseekers cite ‘convenience’ as the core driver for mobile job search. Another 66 percent of individuals would apply for a job on a mobile device if the process was simplified.

The top reasons given by American respondents as to why they use mobile devices to search or apply for jobs were:

1. The process is quicker (40 percent)
2. Can search on-the-go (40 percent)
3. Easier (34 percent)

There is still a degree of skepticism regarding the reliability of mobile tools in the application process. Nearly half of job seekers in the U.S. highlighted small screens (53 percent), difficulty tailoring resumes to apply for different jobs (38 percent), and issues with attaching multiple documents (28 percent) as key barriers to applying on mobile devices today. Job seekers in the U.S. are open to embracing mobile job applications if these barriers can be overcome, with 78 percent claiming they would apply for a job via mobile if these problems were addressed.

The data indicates a growing mobility mismatch between candidates and employers. Despite 65 percent of U.S. respondents wanting to apply for jobs directly via their mobile device, only 10 percent of Fortune 500 businesses are currently able to meet this demand by offering a mobile-friendly apply process.

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