virtual researcher for resume searchesResource Edge, developer of recruiting software product, TalentHook Cloud, has released a software update that includes a major enhancement to the search functionality of TalentHook products.

This recruiting software update introduces users of the TalentHook Cloud product to Virtual Researcher, a new aggregation technology that searches social and professional networks, community pages, and other relevant websites that were not built with the recruiter in mind. Virtual Researcher gives users the ability to consolidate multiple online-sourcing strategies into one, expansive search across employment websites and any other lead-generating location online.

Virtual Researcher also makes it easier to target sourcing to specific geographies. Virtual Researcher performs like a virtual assistant to the end user, taking the basic keywords and desired locations established in one search and configuring hundreds of individual searches conducted on the backend.

“This feature basically affords every recruiter one of the biggest items on their wish list. An assistant,” said Don Weis, president and COO of Resource Edge. “Virtual Researcher truly is another teammate, ready to take the requirements of the position and develop the internet strategy that will be used to find every potential lead online. Coupled with the automated recruitment marketing emails configured within our product, it’s not an exaggeration to say Virtual Researcher finds leads and takes the initiative to break the ice and see if those prospects might be up to having a very productive conversation.”

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