January 6, 2013

Resume Improvement Mobile App Released by Career Confidential

resume review proCareer Confidential’s new iPhone and iPad app, Resume Review Pro, offers a free way to “grade” resumes from A to F through a set of videos from career coach, said CEO of Career Confidential Peggy McKee. The videos breakdown the resume into 10 basic elements and explain how they come together to form a great resume. McKee gives detailed explanations of what mistakes constitute an F and how to improve upon them to raise the score.

Viewing resumes as a marketing document, first and foremost, Career Confidential offers job search and interview resources and tools, tips, and general advice for job seekers. McKee states, “Most job seekers write their resume as a job history, and fail to use it to market themselves as a product in the job search. But they are a product, and the hiring manager, or potential employer, is their ‘customer.’ Job seekers typically don’t present their history in a way that gets attention and interest from those employers.”

Through the video app, McKee addresses the construction of a successful resume (one that lands interviews) including formatting, structure, and length. She sees these areas as those most prone to errors and contributing to a weak resume. Beyond the basics, McKee also details more in-depth subjects such as objective statements, quantified accomplishments, and the proper use of references.

“A resume can look fantastic at first glance, but if it doesn’t get any interviews, it’s worthless,” McKee said. “But it’s pretty easy to turn a resume into a marketing document that gets many interviews. Consider skills and accomplishments in a different way than maybe you have before, and present those accomplishments powerfully. All that is needed is a guideline to show you how to do that. That’s what this app does.”

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