jobs printAccording to a new poll conducted by ManpowerGroup’s Right Management, most employees in North America plan to move on to greener pastures in 2014 as they pursue new jobs. Of the nearly 900 workers surveyed, 83 percent said that they plan to actively seek a new position in 2014.

“Engagement, loyalty and job satisfaction should be top concerns for employers who want to keep their best talent,” said Scott Ahlstrand, Right Management’s global practice leader for employee engagement. “High employee dissatisfaction has a ripple effect that can hurt the bottom line, disrupt productivity and damage morale. Successful companies cultivate and retain top talent by building loyalty through engagement that connects employees’ work contributions to concrete business outcomes.”

Just 5 percent of polled employees intend to stay in their current position and 9 percent are networking in order to possibly look for now opportunities in 2014. A further 3 percent indicated that they had updated their resumes but were not planning to look for a new job. The newest findings are consistent with data collected from the poll since 2010.

“These numbers should signal a wake-up call for top management, when four out of five employees say they intend to look for employment elsewhere. Solutions to keeping the best talent on board all point to effective engagement that drives performance, satisfaction and loyalty. Employers must act now to engage top talent and prevent them from leaving for the competition,” said Ahlstrand.

Right Management recommends companies stay competitive by implementing strategic engagement programs aligned with organizational workforce strategies as part of an ongoing business planning process. The company promotes the idea that talent is the only source of a sustainable competitive advantage, so employee engagement should receive ever increasing focus for forward-thinking employers.


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