big data to identify at risk employeesSaba, a leader in cloud-based intelligent talent management, has announced Compensation@Work, a predictive solution for simplifying and personalizing the salary and incentive pay process.

The Saba solution uses machine learning to surface many otherwise hidden indicators, or “signals” of the value, engagement and cost of your team members.

“Compensation@Work sifts through dozens of signals in your business to net out the intersection between pay, value and risk and then recommends pay and incentives for the people driving your business. Strategic compensation doesn’t have to be complex, but it needs to be right”,” said Hemanth Puttaswamy, Chief Technology Officer at Saba. “Compensation@Work is both simple and sophisticated; it is to incentive pay what TurboTax is for expediting tax filing. “

Compensation@Work is a next generation reward management system that provides:

  • A compensation plan-building wizard that simplifies the plan creation process for administers at various levels of expertise. Contains built-in “What if?” budget creation tools, analytics, and best-practice worksheets to inform budget strategies.
  • Identification of high-risk/high-value individuals and then provide concrete and personalized recommendations, comparing the real cost to retain vs. replace them.
  • Worksheet configuration includes a built-in advanced-rules-and-formulas builder. Access external data, rules and formula from multiple sources for big data-based audience segmentation and worksheet configurations.

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