ipad and iphoneAccording to a recent study, 86 percent of candidates said they would apply for a job from a mobile device if there was an easy way to do so, but only 3 percent of employers provide this option. It’s time for employers to recognize this need and design their career site with this in mind.

One recent example is Bloomingdales. To help ease this frustration in the job search, strategic design and technology firm Sanger Eby has launched a new careers website for Bloomingdales, The site allows job seekers to search and apply for jobs using a mobile device.

The new career site is fully integrated with the Taleo Talent Management System, which permits users to search and apply for jobs in an all-in-one destination. Last month the firm launched sister site According to Sanger Eby, both career sites utilize the “Taleo API to pull job listings and store them in a localized database to create a fast, easy-to-use, and continually updated job search.”

The site was also developed to be fully responsive to the user’s screen size and adapt appropriately and completely from desktop to tablet to smartphone.

“Increasing accessibility of opportunities expands the candidate application pool and earns recruiters an optimal offering of qualitative and quantitative candidates. Today’s workforce is comprised of desktop users, tablet users, and smartphone users. This innovative solution integrates seamlessly with the existing Taleo experience, expanding the offerings to users that are as diverse as their mediums. A streamlined interface and simplified navigation go on to allow for a mobile-friendly application process, offering top-notch candidates the one-stop-shop application destination they crave,” commented Jay Larbes, senior director of technology at Sanger Eby.

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