softwareSAP has announced its latest version of the SAP Environment, Health and Safety Management application which aids in creating preventative safety cultures within the manufacturing sector. The update provides new risk-assessment capabilities aimed at asset-intensive companies that need to avoid dangerous incidents and keep operations running smoothly. The sustainability solution has extended its availability options with a new mobile app for iDevices allowing safety issues to be reported by employees in the field.

Particularly aimed at high-risk companies within industries such as oil, mining, and manufacturing, the SAP solution seeks to create a preventative EHS assessment to help identify and reduce dangerous incidents organization-wide. With the application’s incident management capabilities, clients can gain a wider picture of their companies’ incident information so as to better analyze the data to help prevent future accidents. In addition to the newly announced risk-assessment features, SAP is planning to introduce a “management of change” app in order to help companies handle operational changes.

“Risk transcends departments, which is why SAP offers companies a way to manage operational risk not via point solutions but with a comprehensive, integrated approach that safeguards people, the environment and profits,” said Peter Graf, chief sustainability officer, SAP. “In this way, we link sustainability to all aspects of business operations and help companies enact a pre-emptive risk management strategy that’s embedded in day-to-day business processes.”

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