SendoutsThe latest updated version of recruiting software Sendouts has been released with a new feature set that continues to expand the automation and simplification of the recruiting process. Program improvements include a 75 percent reduction in the number of steps required in the job order recruitment life-cycle.

Regarding the improvements to the program, Sendouts President and CEO, Brian Hopcraft said, “In this release, we incorporated user feedback into each new feature. Because our users will be able to push candidates through the hiring process faster, they’ll have additional time for building the type of relationships that yield more hires and increased revenue down the road.”

The list of new or improved recruiting features is extensive. Version 8.8 integrates LinkedIn in order to appeal to passive and mobile applicants. An “Apply with LinkedIn” button allows job seekers to apply for jobs using their LinkedIn profiles. With the new Report Designer functionality, recruiters access data sets, run calculations on data, and improve metrics while discovering where time would be best spent.  With new screening service integrations, recruiters can streamline the screening process by integrating activities such as drug testing, background screening and skills assessment from within Sendouts.

With improved resume access, submitted resumes retain their original formatting inside Sendouts so can be scanned and edited without further processing. Adding skills to candidate profiles and job orders has been simplified through organized skill sets. With increased connectivity between related records within the app, linking and editing is now possible without the need to maneuver between screens.

Hopcraft continues, “We can always add new components to Sendouts, but at the end of the day, if they don’t help our customers, they don’t add value to the application. It’s the features that spring from our clients’ needs that matter the most. Those are the features we will continue to develop and focus on.”

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