blue jobs street signWith the release of the November 2013 U.S. Employment Outlook report, Simply Hired has found that nationwide job openings have decreased by 0.4 percent from October, though job openings were up last month by 33.4 percent over the year.

“Simply Hired’s data from October shows a slight dip in job openings compared to last month, but still very positive growth year-over-year,” said James Beriker, president and CEO of Simply Hired. “Healthcare companies, in particular, continue to aggressively post job openings. Bright spots for people looking for jobs include non-profits, as well as education roles.”

Job openings increased in just over 20 percent of major metro areas with 11 of 50 reporting higher numbers of open jobs in October. The largest gains were experienced in West Palm Beach, FL (3.5 percent), Salt Lake City, UT (3.2 percent), and Harrisburg, PA (2.5 percent). Job openings increased in half of all industries (9 out of 18) in October, led by the non-profit sector (13.7). Less than one-third of all occupation categories (7 out of 23) experienced job growth in October.

Occupation categories experiencing the largest over-the-month growth were educator (including librarians) (10.2 percent) and HR, compliance, and business operations (3.7 percent) roles. About one-third (43 company locations) of top-posting companies in October were within the healthcare, or healthcare-related, fields. Management consulting and financial services also performed well in October with significant numbers of new job openings.


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