zapoint skill mapperSocial career management solutions provider Zapoint, Inc has announced improvements to its career management application, SkillsMapper, with the addition of Career Paths, an application used to align career development with organizational needs. Career Paths will allow organizations to implement assessment criteria and competency frameworks into SkillsMapper job family groups and roles, providing the option for internal recruitment through communication with their own human capital.

The new features added to the Career Paths’ application allow employees to take control of designing their own career paths while giving management the ability to incorporate competency frameworks and assessment criteria as job family groups and roles are created. HR can also create career paths that give employees an understanding of available opportunities and the qualifications for each role within an organization. These capabilities provide organizations with the ability to align career development processes with over strategic business needs.

“Critical to a company’s success is having a skilled staff and appropriate resources strategically allocated throughout the organization,” said Chris Twyman, Zapoint founder and CEO. “Equally as important is developing and retaining highly skilled workers. In doing so, companies have the ability to recruit from within and prevent company knowledge going elsewhere, giving employees a viable career path and attainable goals that contribute to their professional growth, ensures higher employee satisfaction and retention. Our solutions help organizations engage employees with powerful career planning tools, while providing them with greater visibility into the collective skills and knowledge of their workforces.”

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