release of self-service wellness programTrotter Wellness, a health management and services provider, has announced the release Corporate Wellness Essentials, a self-service, web-based wellness program designed specifically for small businesses. Plan participants receive basic health and wellness tools for improving the overall health of employees. The tools allow business owners a path to reduce healthcare costs, improve productivity, and reduce absenteeism through the promotion of healthier lifestyles. In addition to the small business core, Corporate Wellness Essentials may also be used by mid- and large-sized organizations that are interested in a core program on which to build an internal wellness program.

“Running a [small] business can be hectic and we understand it can be difficult to balance employee’s health and productivity on top of your other priorities,” Patrick Trotter, president and CEO of Trotter Wellness, said. “We identified a service gap in the wellness marketplace, which was primarily with small employers, typically under 100 employees. After 10 years of work perfecting wellness programs for large organizations across the country, we decided to take what we knew about running successful wellness programs and put the essential components into a solution for small businesses – which is how we came up with the name, Corporate Wellness Essentials.”

Enrollment for the program is entirely online and payment is only required for employees participating in the program. Invoicing is offered for employee groups of over 100 members. In addition to access to the program resource portal, participating companies receive a suite of communication templates and a comprehensive implementation guide.


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