NewsA new whitepaper called, “SOCIAL STYLE AND GROW”, is a downloadable free paper that observes some of the most popular workplace effectiveness programs and how behaviors and versatility perspectives of social style increase their impact. Coaches utilize SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility skills to gauge an individual’s behavior style and when combined with the GROW model, coaching effectiveness increases.

Released by TRACOM Group and InsideOut Development, the whitepaper discusses how SOCIAL STYLE benefits programs in the workplace such as Strengths Based Leadership and The Extraordinary Leader. SOCIAL STYLE has been a well-known interpersonal skills model for over fifty years, teaching people how to grow their emotional intelligence (EQ) in order to increase productivity in the workplace.

Focusing on strengths, the GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, and Way Forward) model helps leaders and coaches to grow and add to the goals of the company. It is based upon the perspective that performance is better when internal interferences are removed and not simply acquiring new knowledge.

Bob Parsons, Director of Executive Coaching Services at InsideOut Development, states, “Integrating SOCIAL STYLE and GROW is a powerful development combination. It gives leaders and coaches the tools to flex in the moment while applying structure to conversations and problem-solving situations in order to maximize an individual or team’s fire and focus.”

You may download “SOCIAL STYLE and GROW” for free at

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