video interviewing rejection managementSpark Hire, a leading online video interviewing solution, has unveiled a new rejection management feature to help companies ensure proper documentation of a candidate’s application status and allow for better communication with candidates.

“We have many customers who video interview hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of candidates every month and we know it can sometimes be overwhelming,” says Spark CEO, Josh Tolan. “We developed this feature so that hiring managers and recruiters can better document why someone wasn’t chosen for a position and efficiently give candidates notice of their decision.”

Companies with multiple users on a single account benefit from the rejection management feature with improved hiring collaboration. All team members can be on the same page when it comes to a particular candidate and can view who rejected them, when they were rejected and why it was determined that they would not be a good fit for the position. Additionally, if a candidate is reconsidered for a position or was mistakenly rejected, they can be easily pulled back into the mix.

A positive candidate experience can be ensured with the option to send emails to applicants informing them that they will not be further considered for a position. Many job seekers express appreciation for companies that let them know of their application status regardless if they will be hired or not. Companies can also create rejection email templates so that they can more efficiently communicate with candidates.

The rejection management feature supplements Spark Hire’s analytics feature by providing percentages and counts of candidates rejected for specific reasons. Users can also download a rejection report that provides a detailed view of every rejection.

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