darts on targetSprint just announced a new offer aimed at helping small businesses grow while reducing their costs for wireless services. The company plans to offer up to $150 in savings for small businesses that buy any Sprint smartphone plus an LTE mobile broadband device. As an added bonus, from now through the end of May, Sprint will also add a max credit of $100 on eligible customers’ invoices for every wireless line that a small business switches to Sprint.

According to the company, small businesses will earn up to $100 off any smartphone, including all top-of-the-line iPhones and Samsung devices Sprint carries. They can also get up to $50 off Sprint’s LTE Tri Mode USB or Sierra 4G LTE Tri-fi hotspot; the hotspots enable quick connections to Sprint’s 4G LTE, 4G (WiMax) and 3G networks.

This special offer allows small businesses to chat, access email, check websites or Web conference “at faster speeds than ever before – at a lower price.”

“For small businesses, it’s all about specialized service, simplified shopping and prices that fit their budgets,” said Marin Martinovic, director of Business Acquisition Marketing for Sprint. “Cutting through the complications of buying communications gear is a challenge for small businesses. Our portfolio is expanded and customized to the needs of small businesses, our in-store service is consultative, and this latest discount offer is right on the money for today’s small business owners.”

Sprint said that the new deals are part of its initiative to attract and keep a larger share of the small business market. The company recently opened Sprint Consult Centers in its retail stores to simplify the wireless buying process for small businesses. Each center offers a “complete package of products, services, and certified expert advice customized to small business owners’ needs.”

Small businesses can order Sprint services online at sprint.com/smallbusiness.

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