new workplace social networkTomfoolery, Inc., recently found by former executives at AOL and Yahoo!, has announced a new mobile social network for work. The first of its kind, Anchor is currently available as a web-based app or on iOS devices. Anchor was designed first and foremost as a consumer-quality communications tool, rather than focus on more typical fare, such as task lists, productivity tools, and document sharing. Instead, Anchor creates personal connections between team members and teams for sharing photos, links, locations, and other data.

Anchor’s chat functionality allows for one-to-one message and group messaging and the sharing of media while chatting, thus allowing for a higher degree of connectivity between remote employees. The new tool facilitates virtual team creations based around specific projects, topics, and events, or even food orders and wellness activities in the workplace. Anchor is a communications facilitator for remote coworkers or collaborators at other companies.

“We spend more of our waking hours with our coworkers than with anyone else, and these relationships at work are incredibly important.” Kakul Srivastava, CEO and co-founder of Tomfoolery Inc., said. “People at work need better tools to connect, communicate, and share. Anchor is all about bringing the same great user experiences that we’ve come to expect in our personal lives to the office. There are plenty of tools that try to help you work more efficiently. We want you to work more joyfully.”


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