3d people - human character person and the word workWondering what’s the most effective way to teach your staff about social networking?  What about a better and more effective way to not only manage the talent that you have, but your workforce and future workforces in your organization?

When it comes down to brass tacks, there are an infinitude of companies that provide services that are intended to help you streamline your workday and improve the productivity of your employees, but how often do they actually fulfill that promise?

That’s where Saba comes in, and they just seem to be spot on every single time, without fail. Saba was founded in 1997 and provides their software solutions to more than half of the Fortune 100. If that doesn’t speak volumes, then we don’t know what does!

The company provides their services both locally as well as a cloud-based solution, so the way that your work is completely up to you and your unique workforce. Aside from their cutting edge learning software as well as their talent management capabilities, Saba is also particularly well known for their strategic consulting services. Based in California, they also have offices in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

When was the last time  you took your staff education or training budget into consideration? When it comes down to learning and your staff, if you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. The companies who see the biggest return on their investments are those who plan in advance for what their annual training plan will look like.

Saba University is a great way to get either private instruction or public instruction with the assistance of customizable job aids as well. Used by purchasing credits, it provides you with a new portal for learning for your staff, without having to use up your existing resources to make training work.

As far as learning is concerned, we have established that training staff is critical, but what about ensuring that your staff are learning about the latest technologies and advance,s like social media and networking? As more companies incorporate these tools into their businesses, it is easier for those who are out of touch to slip under the radar and eventually get left behind.

Saba has a solution for this by offering a state-of-the-art social learning component to organizations that need it (and trust us, you all need it), keeping them connected to the pulse of not only the industry, but the business as well.

No training or learning tool would be complete without the ability to measure the progress that your staff are making and with Saba’s talent management suite, you have the ability to see who your top performers are, streamline the performance management process and plan for the retirement of your staff.

Whether you’re just looking for a well-rounded training tool or a powerful suite of programs that will improve productivity and give you the highest return on investment, Saba is a solid solution that simply needs to be in your arsenal.

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