arrows outAccording to the 2013 Employee Engagement Survey released by TINYpulse, management transparency was a leading factor in determining employee satisfaction, beating out culture and relationships with immediate supervisors. The research also found that relationships with coworkers is more important than relationships with supervisors with a 23.3 percent higher correlation between the former and job satisfaction than with the latter.

“Not only are capital markets demanding transparency, employees want the same from their leadership. The cost of improving transparency is almost zero, and we are seeing an increasing number of companies using transparency as an advantage when attracting and retaining top talent,” said David Niu, CEO and founder of TINYpulse. “This shows that who you work with is becoming more important than who you work for. We often think of employee happiness and satisfaction as being manager-driven, but now as the workplace becomes more cross-matrixed, collaborative, and “bottom-up,” the importance of co-worker relationships continues to grow.”

Other key findings from the research include:

• Just 42 percent of employees know their organization’s vision, mission, and values.

• 82 percent of respondents reported that their manager clearly outlined their role and responsibilities.

• The top traits preferred by employees about their co-workers were team play and collaboration.

• Organizations that do not promote employee feedback and suggestions place themselves at an innovation disadvantage.


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