deskalertsA recent market study by DeskAlerts suggests that employees can save an average of 73 minutes per day per using desktop alerts software while increasing employee communication channels. According to the study, the average employee using a desktop alerts channel spends almost 30 minutes less per day scheduling meetings, 18 minutes less checking administrative emails, and 27 minutes less alerting staff of important information.

Taking a closer look at the data, the survey showed that the average employee without desktop alerts spends 33 minutes per day scheduling meetings. With an alerts delivery system, employees spent only 5 minutes performing the same task. The average employee spends nearly half an hour reading admin messages per day but lowered that period to 11 minutes with a desktop alert system. Finally, by implementing an organization-wide alerts system, employees spent 12 minutes per day duplicating messages to other staff, down from 39 minutes for those without such an alerts delivery channel.

A company of about 500 employees, with an average salary annual level of $50,000, can save over $3.8 million per year using a desktop alerts implementation. In addition to the impressive time and money savings per employee, they can also increase their productivity through better work prioritization and contribute to simplifying and speeding up an organization’s communication process while achieving a 100 percent message delivery rate.

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